We communicate directly - on your behalf - with your County & City to submit the correct Documents for your Permit Application.


1$750 Per property
Price includes a one unit submission. Each additional unit submission inquiry is $400.
2Includes form submissions
All necessary documents and plans will be submitted to the correct agency for the Permit Application. Any additional Application fees required by the city or county are at the expense of the Property Owner.
3Includes up to 5 hours of file prep
Providing the correct paperwork, site specs and build sheets are an important process of the file prep. We handle all of this for you.
4Due Diligence
It is in our best interest and in yours that we obtain Permit Approval. We always work diligently and without compromise to meet this goal. There are no guarantees of Permit Approval and our services are non-refundable.
5Licensed General Contractor / Builder
As licensed General Contractors at Container Home Pro we understand all the ins and outs of the application and build processes. We are experienced and knowledgeable.
6Inspections & Certifications
Our Shipping Container Tiny Homes are Inspected and Certified & Stamped to pass the required Residential & Commercial Building Codes in all Cities & States across the USA. This is very important to help pass the Permit Application.


Container Home Pro works directly with your city or county - on your behalf - to obtain approved permitting.
Step 1 - The overview
Determine if permitting is required on your property. Some properties do not have any oversight and approval is not required at all. Some counties and cities do not allow any form of container or tiny home. Others, need the neccesary spec and built sheets to obtain approval. No inquiry is the same.
Step 2 - Permitting
Container Home Pro can help you determine if your property is approved for the placement of a Tiny Home. We can establish direct communication with the decision makers in your city or county to find out. Often times its best to let the PRO's with experience work directly on the zoning and permitting process for you. We often see a denial when handled directly by the property owner. If a Permit is denied to the property owner its often difficult to change the result. Working with Container Home Pro increases the chance of approval.
Step 3 - Zoning
We will folow up with the Zoning officials - similar to the permitting process to make sure that no regulatory agency's or jurisdictions supercede the decision on the permitting process. Example: Protected Historic Property.
Step 4 - Documentation
We will folow up with any required documentation required by your County or City
Step 5 - The Site
We will request and research property details such as grade level, slope, utility locations, approach obstacles such as trees, power lines and property accessibility.
Step 6 - Submission & Disclaimer
We guarantee that the proper preparation and submission practices will be used to obtain an approved permit. The research, diligence and practices used are not always a guarantee of approval. Every build and application is unique and all builds are contingent upon the final approval of the actual permit and the conclusion on its final submission. Submissions take time / allow a few weeks for results.